Help Us Promote Night Out for Wipe Out!

Thank you so much for your partnership and support for Operation Wipe Out and critical, lifesaving work to end cervical cancer as a public health threat in the State of Alabama.

We’re gathering on Friday, June 21st in Birmingham Alabama to celebrate this critical collaboration and show that the promise of eliminating this preventable cancer as a public health threat is achievable. Our Night Out for Wipe Out Gala is raising funds that will be dedicated to support this critical collaboration.

Operation Wipe Out’s success to date has proven that no one organization in Alabama can by itself end this threat to women’s lives. We are asking for your help to spread the word about the Night Out for Wipe Out Gala and ensure that this event mobilizes the support and excitement Operation Wipe Out needs to be successful.

We’re providing a link to the event’s promotional kit, which includes suggested language for reaching out to your networks, social media language, and graphics. More on the event – including sponsorship opportunities and information about ticket sales – can be found at

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