Operation Wipe Out is a partnership bringing together champions from across Alabama’s public, private, academic, and non-profit sectors to save women’s lives.


Alabama has a plan to eliminate cervical cancer as a public health threat by vaccinating against HPV and expanding access to cervical cancer screening and follow-up.

We can eliminate cervical cancer as a public health problem in Alabama by:

Vaccinating more children and adolescents against HPV
Screening more women for cervical cancer
Ensuring that women who need follow-up can access services

We can save the lives of women across Alabama. And we need your help.


Access Cervical Cancer Prevention Services

Learn more about no-cost, available services in the State of Alabama including HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screening. Call or email us:



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Ms. Linda Hayes is a health advocate and outreach coordinator for Alabama’s Department of Public Health, an Operation Wipe Out partner.

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